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Basket Sets
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Fish Tank
Basket Sets
Cleaner Droid
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Survivor Vaporator
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Master Garfalaquox
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Gonk BBQ
Security Holo
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Slide 5 - Droids
Moff Tarkin
Slide 6 - Doors
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Morai the Convor bird
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Create the perfect diorama with our Model kits and accessories range for your next project!

We sell most of our models in 6" (12th scale) and 3.75" (18th scale). Some of our kits are available in 12" (6th scale) too!

New Arrivals

New Video Series - 'Into the Fanverse'

Our latest video takes a dive into learning more about you – the fan. We speak to Tom Hunter about his love of all things Star Wars and he shares some of his techniques in crafting his scenes and photographing his collection. However, if you prefer, you can listen to the whole interview as a podcast.

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